About Me

Highschool graduate (Woohoo!!). Pre-Nursing. Art Lover. Artsy-Thing lover. Pinner. Runner. 18 in April. Cook aspiring non-toxic food maker. Avid reader and lover of fancy words such as 'avid'.

I had pin-straight hair as a young'n.  Then I turned eleven and all these lucious curls heck broke loose.  It's okay though.  I'm learning to live with them.

I'd rather make stupid faces in pictures than actually try to look nice in them.  I find that I'm more likely to like a stupid-face picture because my expectations are low.  There's probably some dysfunction in that that should bother me, but it doesn't.

(sorry about the picture on the right, I can't figure out how to rotate it so you'll just have to enjoy it with your head sideways. hopefully it'll at least crack your neck or something delightful like that)
I'm a counselor.  Not the "how do you feel about that?" type with the loungers, the camp kind.  I've done it for three years (going on four!) now and it's pretty much definitely the best job ever.
I get to be this guy's ------>
 girlfriend.  He's the type you can burst into giggles with in the middle of a very serious conversation and not feel selfconcious about it.  He's also the type to hold the door open until everyone's gone through, no matter if a whole stampede of zillions of people are going through it or just one little old man in a wheelchair.
he throws almonds at me and whacks me with towels and takes pictures like this with my camera.
we're that couple.  :)

Feet pictures make me happy.  So does the beach, although I have finally realized that I am indeed a mountain-over-beach person.  You can see the mountains all the time if you live in them.  You can't see the ocean all the time, unless you're very rich and not too scared of getting hit by a random tsunami or something as you sit on your beachfront mansion.

I also inherited my mom's painted-toenail OCD in addition to her curls.  Mostly I paint them a neutral pink.  At the beach that day I was feeling saucy, so I went with red.  But most of the time, neutral granola blandness is my fashion regimend.  I don't wear makeup ever, but I do always maintain painted toenails.  always.

I am a lover of little things and the sort of girl who really ought to wear her glasses but instead chooses to go around without them most days.

What a naughty child I am.