Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Gawker Sunday: The Daybook

I've been gawking this blog for awhile now.

Like, reading allllll the posts gawking.

I love Sydney Poulton and her lovely blog.

It brightens my day very much.

So go read The Daybook.  It will brighten your day like a ray of sunshine or a bouquet of flowers.

Sydney is quite fashionable and appreciates the little things, which is part of why it makes me so happy -- It's just such a cheery read.  
Also, her and her husband are super adorable.  And their new baby too! 

Check out Awkward and Awesome Thursday and the Friday Giveaways.


In other news.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Mommy!

Happy 22nd birthday (again)
excuse me, did I say 22nd?  I meant to say 52nd...  ;)

I hope you eat lots of cake and get lots of Hello Kitty awesomeness today!  I LOVE YOU!

PS (She'd smack me silly if I didn't put this in here -- She's NOT 52.  Not even close.  I just always add a ridiculous amount of years to her age because one year, I actually succeeded in making her think she was a year older than she was and have been trying to top that ever since.  Mwahaha, I am an evil daughter indeed!

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