Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Gawker Sunday: Inspired to Share

Sunday is pretty much my blog-gawkin' day of the week.
I'm sure there's some deep psychological meaning or dysfunction behind my fascination and amazement at all the many beautiful blogs out there.  

So naturally, I think to myself, HEY!  Why not spread the psychological dysfunction around??  What a lovely series that would make!

Which leaves us here.

Fine Print:  I totally don't think blog readers are crazy or that there's anything wrong with reading blogs.
but I have to say that otherwise I'd lay awake at night thinking, "oh gosh, I really hope no one took that the wrong way..."
I adore and aspire to be like these freakin' talented folks featured (get a load of that annunciation!)

Today, I am hoisting the lovely Inspired to Share upon my modest soapbox.

Ain't she just adorable?

And she writes a SMASHING blog, chock full of inspiring photos and DIY ideas.  (check out her DIY "love" wire & yarn letters and her Monday Moodboards)

I'm kinda freaking out about it.

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