Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Little Things are Important

....Such as knowing how to tie a bowtie:

....Or taking time to do stuff with your kids:

....Or pillowfighting your best friend.

(and knowing that you totally won)

Two little happy things of my day so far:

I have finally tasted sunshine, I do believe -- there was a pinkish spot on my golden delicious apple, which I (probably stupidly) assume is from extra sun exposure.

It tasted exactly what I imagine sunshine should taste like if I could take a bite out of it.

Sweet, crispy and delicious.

Ooh, also, little happy thing #1 and a half:  I dropped half of said sunshine apple on the floor.  Dog did not eat it.  WIN!

LHT #2:  My Valentine sent me a Valentine.  Through the old fashioned 'merican postal service.  And it had puppies on it.



I will totally be your Valentine.

For a freakin' year if you want.

Or five.

Or seven.

Or maybe a zillion and ten twelve.

Puppy Valentines through the pony express have some crazy untapped power, if you ask me.

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