Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stuff that's blowing my mind today

Happy Saturday, folks!

So today Pinterest, Craftgawker and the like all seem to be hopping with inspiring ideas.

Or maybe it's just me being in a super-easily-inspireable mood.

Either way.

Okay, so my first blowing-my-mind thing (am I overusing dashes today?  hmm.  Just call me Dasher I suppose.  You can be Rudolph or Prancer or Comet or Vixen or any of those, if you like) today is this.

She embarked on a project to fill 365 jars all full of some kind of artsy something or other and release them off into the wild to be found by passerby.


thing two:

Thank you, Duitang for giving me this lovely hair idea.  The model and her hair remind me of Meg Ryan back in her long hair, Sleepless in Seattle days.  I need to watch that movie again...

This Clickin Moms article on how to create your own home photography studio -- Super handy dandy!  But not as handy dandy as Steve's notebook, of course.  Is Steve even the name of the Blue's Clues guy any more?  Is Blue's Clues still even on?

Oh good gracious, a world of youth living without Blue's Clues...  That's a scary thought.

Just... yes.

I love whoever came up with it.

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