Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Gawker Sunday: Hula Seventy

 meet the lovely Hula Seventy.

Oh great scott, how I love this blog.  (who even says great scott any more?  losers like me apparently.  who's scott anyway?  and what the heck made him so great?  how come they don't say great FRANK?  poor frank.  I guess he just wasn't as great as scott)

I find all her pictures wildly inspiring.

I can't even think of any specific posts or sections you need to check out, because you need to read all the things.

like right now.

if I must choose something to suggest (which I must, since I feel the need to treat each gawked-on-sunday blog equally here) you look at I'd say check out January: a photo a day -- the end for some beautiful instagram shots.

Also, check out her Etsy shop.  

And buy something.

because she's just so cool.

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