Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Excited for the half marathon, crafty wonderfulness, and PO-TAY-TOES

One, I  have just been perusing the half marathon website.

For the heck of it.


but now that that's out of the way, I've got lots of other stuff to blog about.  For example, this nifty way to make boiled eggs.  Only you don't boil them, you bake them.  And you can make like, a gazillion and a half at once.  Great tip, especially if you're making copious amounts of devilled eggs for a family reunion or something.

Also in the food department, my dad picked up a giant back of potatoes from Walmart last night and I've been thinking about roasting some of them.

This picture has me cracking up today... totally the story of my life dress the past couple weeks.

I might actually attempt makeup, having seen this beautiful specimen of a simple smoky eye.  No idea if I cam actually pull it off, but hey.  I can try, right? {P.S.--check out The Beauty Department blog!}

I'm liking this wall art idea, as well as this paint chip art -- I'm thinking I have some crafting to do the next few days.

I might have to make an epic crocheted blanket like this while I'm at it too, and maybe put a wocket in the back of my jeans pocket. 

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