Monday, March 5, 2012

I need to go run right now but instead I am blogging about it

....I also need to unpack from a weekend working out at camp (OHMYGOSHITWASSOGREATTOBEBACK) and get some laundry in.


at least it's sunny today :)

But yeah.  I kinda really don't feel like running right now but I'm running out of time so my plan is to take a few minutes, jot out a blog post while simultaneously drinking in some "fitspiration".

can I do it?

Time will tell. (and also the degree of frazzleness in my hair)

ooh, this picture is pretty.  Random Tumblr find.

speaking of which, Tumblr changed their little toolbar thingy when you log in.  gasp.

Back on topic:  Fitspiration.
I've been kinda sorta doing this:

But not religiously-- I've been altering it a little with sit ups and regular planks and other random core workouts.  and wouldn't you know it, I think my abs actually are getting stronger!  Who'da thunk it.  And it doesn't take long, either... just a few minutes a day to get those core muscles engaged.

Also, I found this site through Pinterest last night.  Lots of great exercises and how to do them, which is fantastic for someone like me who still knows nearly nothing (get a load of that annunciation!) about exercise.

I am loving this sticker from Milestones Jewelry  (only three bucks!) and getting kind of scared excited for the half... I almost figured up how many weeks it is until the race but then I stopped myself because I think that'd just make me scared.

And in the midst of typing that I accidentally figured it up.

six weeks.



I think.

I hope.

Yeah, I'm going to go run now.

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